About Us

Orchard Biotech Group Technology Limited is Orchard Biotech Group Limited its of development and to develop pure natural products of subsidiary. Our company has purposes for committed to development and also introduced promotion to Hong Kong and Other Countries as a pure natural component of products. 

In our company, the main promotion of product is Dregle Element s, over these 15 years, we have combined with the research and development people who are from Japan and Taiwan for digging out the efforts with research to dedicated, natural and science essence. In accordance with human skin of physiological change and features, the main focuses on this water can meet to a full natural, low sensitive, low stimulus of concept. In a constantly test, it has been confirmed as an activity mineral ecological water tie electrical stone and the refining of production technology of subtle relationship and release out of anion and far infrared fluctuations energy on no drug effect of a big breakthrough and also for a skin nursing repair aspects has got an excellence of effect too. 

The company's unique micro-organism penetration technology, is now penetrating to the cortex. The Supreme method, can be absorbed through the skin, basal layer cells nourish, make skin delicate. 

All our products are in natural ingredients, no added pigment, chemical flavors, preservatives, and drugs.